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Stories of migration from some of the best young journalists in Mexico, Central America and the United States


Migrants' cast off belongings become art

Artists scour the desert, finding meaning in the things migrants throw away

Marlon Bishop and Alicia Fernandez reporting from United States


School lunches keep kids in the classroom, and at home

USDA-funded lunches are an incentive to stay in school, and not migrate to the US at a young age

Francisco Rodriguez de Leon and Giovanna Dell Orto reporting from Guatemala


The First Migrant

Mystery and dynastic intrigue surround a small town's pioneering first migrant

Jimmy Alvarado and Ruxandra Guidi reporting from El Salvador


Coming of age

The traditional quinceaños party gets a makeover when it goes north of the border

Imelda Robles and Devin Browne reporting from Mexico


Mexican Dream

African and Asian migrants find a haven where others find hell

Manuel Ureste, Conrad Fox and Francisco Rodriguez de Leon reporting from Mexico

Immigration Uncovered is a production of Round Earth Media. Our unique reporting method puts two early career journalists on each story: one from the United States, the other from the country where the story happens. With the mentoring support of REM's veteran reporters, they work together in equal partnership to research and report on the same stories – creating the most balanced, comprehensive view possible. Their stories are typically published in at least two countries and languages simultaneously – in both a major media outlet in the United States (New York Times, NPR, USA Today, etc.), and a major media outlet in the country where the story happened. Readers in Omaha see the same story as readers in Mexico City!

Immigration Uncovered is made possible by a grant from the MacArthur Foundation.