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Stories of migration from some of the best young journalists in Mexico, Central America and the United States

Stories of movement

Migration is not just about the journey. It is about the people left behind, about lives lived in two places at once, about the way it changes people, everywhere. These stories are a close up look at migration in all its aspects, gritty, sometimes tragic, sometimes hopeful, but always human and personal. They were produced by 19 young reporters from the US, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, working in pairs to share their knowledge and experience to create journalism that transcends borders.


School lunches keep kids in the classroom, and at home
by Francisco Rodriguez de Leon and Giovanna Dell Orto
USDA-funded lunches are an incentive to stay in school, and not migrate to the US at a young age
Empty mansions, empty stomachs
by Francisco Rodriguez de Leon and Giovanna Dell Orto
In rural Guatemala, remittance architecture builds social status instead of feeding families
Fleeing machismo
by Francisco Rodriguez de Leon and Giovanna Dell Orto
Engrained customs, not just poverty, drive women north


The cost of fear
by German Andino and Marlon Bishop
The economics of the gang violence that has many Hondurans fleeing their country
Driven north
by Marlon Bishop and Gerardo Inmer Chevez
Afro-caribbean community dwindles as land-developer and narcos move in
Unhappy homecomings
by Marlon Bishop and Iolany Perez
Young deportees return to a life of poverty and violence

El Salvador

Crime free villages
by Jimmy Alvarado and Ruxandra Guidi
Villages once the scene of bloody massacre are now some of El Salvadors safest
The First Migrant
by Jimmy Alvarado and Ruxandra Guidi
Mystery and dynastic intrigue surround a small town's pioneering first migrant


Mexican Dream
by Manuel Ureste, Conrad Fox and Francisco Rodriguez de Leon
African and Asian migrants find a haven where others find hell
Coming of age
by Imelda Robles and Devin Browne
The traditional quinceaƱos party gets a makeover when it goes north of the border
Through a parent's eyes
by Jennifer Collins, Manuel Ureste and Eric Lemus
Parents wait in the US as children travel 4000 miles to join them
Living with checkpoints
by Jennifer Collins and Manuel Ureste
Heightened security on Mexico's southern border appeases US, displeases locals
Remittances and regrets
by Mely Arellano and Monica Ortiz
Migrants yearn for a return to the US due to heartsickness and economic reality
Foot Massage
by Imelda Robles and Monica Ortiz
Easing weary migrants' feet
Bridging distances
by Mely Arellano and Monica Ortiz
The changing nature of ties to home

United States

Dreaming on
by Simeon Lancaster
Migrants' cast off belongings become art
by Marlon Bishop and Alicia Fernandez
Artists scour the desert, finding meaning in the things migrants throw away