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Stories of migration from some of the best young journalists in Mexico, Central America and the United States

One hour radio special

The wave of people crossing the globe to escape war, danger and desperate poverty is unprecedented.
Over 232 million people are on the move, according to the United Nations.
And if you count people who are displaced inside their own countries, the number reaches 1 billion.
The number is staggering. So big, in fact, that it’s easy to forget that it is made up of people just like you and me.
People with kids. People whose feet ache on the road. People who still need to brush their teeth everyday.
Many are fleeing from Syria, Iraq and parts of Africa. Others, though, are closer to home. Much closer.
On our southern border, every day, migrants try to cross into the US., from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador
There are 19 million Latino immigrants in the US.
11.3 million of them are undocumented.
It’s a treacherous journey, and hundreds die each year.
We hear plenty from politicians and the media on the subject. But we don’t hear much from the people who’ve made the journey, who’ve left behind their homes and their families, who’ve started life all over again, in a foreign culture, a foreign land.
In the one hour special, Immigration Uncovered: Untold stories of moving North, we peel away the headlines, and bring you the very human stories of people moving away from misery, towards hope.

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